Five basic air compressor maintenance tips

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Compressed air is referred to as the 4th utility and accounts for as much as 30% of a factorys energy consumption. Preventative maintenance can help to keep your compressed air system running smoothly and avoid downtime. Here are our five basic air compressor maintenance tips to help keep your production running smoothly…

  1. Read the manufacturers user manual – More often than not, the air compressor manual is overlooked. This manual contains essential information on the limitations of your air compressor and safety guidelines.
  2. Clean the air intake filter regularly – Your air compressor has to work harder to intake the air if the intake filter element is heavily contaminated. Its compression capacity is affected adversely and you will get less air delivered per kW. Ensure that the intake filter of your compressor is clean at all times, more so if you’re operating it in a dirty or dusty environment.
  3. Drain the tanks of condensate regularly – The receiver/tank will accumulate moisture from the air being compressed, more so if you’re operating it a humid environment. More condensate inside the receiver means less storage capacity. Install an automatic no-loss drain, this will ensure this is never overlooked
  4. Clean heat exchangers – The heat exchangers work to reduce the operating temperature of the air compressor. By keeping the operating temperatures down, the compressors are able to function at their optimum. However, if the heat exchangers are dirty, they won’t be able to do their job well, thus hindering the compressor’s performance and reducing its life span.
  5. Service your air compressor – When using a lubricated air compressor, it’s important that the oil level is checked daily. Other parts on the air compressor require periodic servicing (oil change, oil filter, air filter, oil separator, belts/drive coupling) all require changing to keep the air compressor running at its optimum level and to avoid breakdowns.

If you have any further queries regarding air compressor maintenance don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable team.